Getting Things Started

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Even I’m stunned at how fast mobile is growing. A week doesn’t go by without a research report, product unveiling or earnings announcement that even exceeds my grandiose mobile expectations.

Those stories are well-covered, and I’m more fascinated with the implications of a macro mobile shift in the media industry. In a nutshell, I worry that many companies aren’t adapting quickly enough. It’s hard enough to keep up, let alone reorganize for a new and still uncertain future.

That’s why I created Mobile Media Memo, an email newsletter that explores how these faced-paced changes impact the media industry at its core. You can subscribe right here.

I run a mobile startup (Breaking News) that’s owned by a big media company (NBC), and I’ve been writing about mobile media for the last couple years on my personal blog (and you may remember Lost Remote from the old days, a media blog I created back in 1999).

I’ll be posting periodically here on the site and the Twitter account, however newsletter archives will only be available to subscribers. This will be quite informal, but I hope you find it valuable.

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